Thursday, November 20, 2008

The beginning

Hi! Glad you stopped by...

A little about me: I have been designing and supporting identity management infrastructures long before there was a fancy name for them (like "identity management infrastructures"...) This includes directory servers, Web access management systems, as well as the rest of the software stack that goes along with that (web servers, Java app servers, etc). Currently, I work at the University of Rochester, where I am part of the team that will be developing the identity management strategy here, and implementing all the supporting technology.

"Identity Management Lessons" seemed like an appropriate title for the site, seeing as this current project will be taking place at a university. The articles will be focused on the overall process we're undertaking, the problems encountered (and hopefully some solutions to go along with them), unique concerns of rolling out identity management at a university and medical center, and general thoughts about the various technologies involved.

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